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For anyone from Spain living in the Uk, here is a satellite service for you. All your favourite tv programmes delivered via satellite. Our service is called Satellite Tv Europe our website is  www.satellitetveurope.co.uk We install dishes and digital receivers compatible with all the main Spanish broadcasting services.

The main channels, TVE1, TVE2, Antena3 cuatro Telecinco, La Sexta etc. free in Spain, are not free via satellite and require a subscription to Digital Plus


You can subscribe directly to Digital Plus ONLY if you have an address in Spain, then all the Digital Plus packages are available to you …. see Plus website.   Alternately you can purchase a Digital Plus Card. It is paid in advance ( 18months) it has the same  channels and is available from several european dealers. It is fairly expensive though at 1200Euro for the 18 month period of the card.

Free to Air Spanish Channels


There are still a few Spanish channels broadcast FTA ( free to air ) the main ones are listed fully on our Spanish page

We can install ,anywhere in the Uk, just send your requirements and location for a quotation.

Question: I already have Sky, can I also have Spanish TV?

You need a separate receiver as the Sky box is disabled from using multi satellite and unable to cope with the different data rates ( symbol rates ) of the spanish broadcasts. The dish for Digital plus needs to be at least 65cm to avoid picture freezing, but to avoid having 2 dishes it is possible to combine Sky and Digital Plus on one dish.


Combining Spanish with Uk, French and German


For those wanting both Sky and spanish, German French and Italian broadcasts , there is the Force Multi dish. This new wide angle dish is superb for giving hundreds of free channels from all over Europe and some from the middle east

Note this is only for the Astra 1 spanish channels  – Hispasat is too far west to combine the signals on one dish. For Hispasat and Uk channels you will need 2 dishes but at least the Uk dish will only be a small one.

If you have need for other language broadcasts then a motorised satellite dish is the answer, the ultimate in sheer numbers of channels receivable, a motor system can log in some 5000 channels when installed, of which over half are viewable free ( FTA free to air ) and the others require various subscription cards to view.

To checkout the prices and to order go to the Spanish Channels page and click the quote me button on any package of interest.

Students of language , Colleges and schools can make use of these services too , we install multi room setups in a number of different formats to suit all needs.

Receivers – our main receivers are from the popularTechnomate range, both SD and HD models which have proved themselves very capable in fixed dish and motorised dish installations, the remote can be operated in two modes FAVourites or SATellite mode. In favourite mode, a user may save a list of favourite channels under his own name eg. Andys Fav. other users may have their own lists. In Satellite mode, the user simply selects the satellite with left/right keys , and channel with the Up /down keys. The receiver will take most major  subscriptions cards without an additional CAM unit.


Our installer Andrew, always spends some time after installation to make sure the customer is familiar enough with the equipment to navigate to the desired channel and can operate it with any existing equipment like a Sky box, Tv, video or disc recorders and Hi Fi.


The popular Andalucia , Canal Sur is back !





The popular Andalucia ( or Canal Sur ) channel finished at  midnight 31st December 2014. Both the Hispasat and the Astra 1 satellites have ceased broadcasting the  Andalucia channel


As yet there is no news as to its future, it may become part of Canal+ subscription service , keep reading on the Spanish channels website , I’ll be posting any information I receive. You can use the link below to watch online.

At the  moment the channel name, but no video or audio is present on the old frequency 11068.

The move has caused much protest in the region, the channel was free by satellite and consisted of programming from the Canal Sur and Canal Sur 2 regional channels belonging to Radio Television de Andalucia.

The Channel will continue by cable and by IPTV on the ONO, Telecable and Moviestar networks.


You can still watch Online Andalucia TV channel  here

At the moment (2nd June), both frequencies are in operation. If you can  see the scrolling message on TVE int “nueva frecuencia  ” then you need to tune to the new frequency. If you are receiving it now and you cannot see the scrolling message , then its ok you  need do nothing.


New Frecuencia 11626 / 22000 / V

Old Frecuencia 11656  / 22000 / V  ( will cease on 20th June )

Telefonica which previously owned 22 % of Canal Plus Spain, has now added the 56% from Prisa, this 725 Million Euro
take deal makes Telefonica the largest player in the Spanish pay-tv market. The remainder 22% belongs to the
Italian Mediasat company , of course founded in the 1970s and still having a large holding by Silvio Berlusconi .


So the near 1.6 million CanalPlus Spanish customers will be added to Telefonicas audience, but this concentration
of the market may yet be subject to scrutiny by the competition.

Prisa at least has made a clean break, with the burden of the debt ridden Spanish broadcasters out of the way, they
recently sold off the Cuatro channel to Mediaset and were very keen to accept the Telefonica bid this week.

Telefonica own the Moviestar ” Tv Everywhere” , and are expanding rapidly with newly acquired rights to Formula One
racing and MotoGP racing amongst others.

The very unwelcome news of more tv closures, was announced yesterday 5th May.


La Sexta

Some of the popular channels from Atresmedia are being forced to close within Spanish territory. Nearly 40 percent of the available free channels will no longer be broadcast. These include La Sexta, Siete, Nitro, Nueve, and AXN .

How this will affect the channels on Satellite is as yet unknown.


Further bad news, it was announced today in El Mundo, that TVE , having debts approaching 800 Million Euros , was nearing bankruptcy. TVE has been in mounting crisis since 2009, adding roughly 100 million debt each succeeding year. When the amount exceeds the 50% of stockholding mark, the association between government and TVE will dissolve . Whether this means Spains main public broadcaster will close is doubtful, but it will certainly mean that change will be enforced. Although it was previously decided that the directors would go and be replaced with a new board, last year, because of the political interests of the  members of the board, this was never achieved, leaving TVE with  no plan in place for change.

It is thought that the government will probably support TVE , with a further line of credit of nearly 120 Million Euros , whilst changes are made.

Currently the Spanish pay tv provider Canal+ ( Digital Plus ) has a good offer for customers with a Spanish Bank account and spanish address.

Seleccione OfferQualifying customers please contact me to have a free estimate of the installation costs for Canal+


We certainly hope that TVE will continue to broadcast, as the number of free spanish channels lost over the last four years continues to grow. Canarias, ETB ( Basque) Valencia and Extramadura,   have all gone to the pay tv provider Digital Plus. TeleMadrid continues to be on strike.

More proposals have come to light with the announcement that TVE channels TVE internacional and TVE Canal 24 are to be available on Astra 1M satellite again after losing them a couple of years ago. You can tune in right now on:

11656V sym rate 22000

These plans for expansion are at odds with the recent Spanish government call to cut costs and slim down the TVE company. In 2012 TVE moved into the South American  market, in 2013 plans were made to include TVE channels in many of the European major packages like Canal Plus. Yet in April 2012 TVE were ordered by finance minister Cristobal Montoro to make more cut backs or wage cuts. This was a further blow after the 2011 November loss of 204 Million Euro from the broadcasters budget, also ordered by Montoro.

Digital Plus must be one of the highest price subscription services available today. Surely it would make more sense to lower prices to increase their subscriber base. Also to drop their restrictions selling Digital Plus overseas. Just like high taxation countries, if they changed to lower taxes, less people try to avoid tax and overall tax revenue actually rises.  Where there are barriers , black markets flourish  with card sharing use rising, Digital Plus makes no income, only the black marketeers will profit.

Another casulty of the financial crisis no doubt, ETB the Basque channels broadcast by the Euskal Telebista  organisation, has decided to restrict its output to cable and IPTV only. ETB was broadcast in French, Basque and Spanish languages.


ETB from Astra 1 satellite ceased on May 1st.


ETB 1 is still listed on the Fransat card, however the cost of the Fransat box and card, which is all French channels may be high for anyone just wanting the one Basque channel .

Currently Euskal Telebista continues to broadcast by cable and internet ( IPTV) ETB1, 2 and 3.



Mañana sábado en el Canal de las Estrellas…

Nuestra BellezaFinal !

The Russian company launching the communications satellites from Baikonur launch facility in Kazakhstan, has completed its investigations into the latest rocket failure  and will now proceed with the schedule. Prime Minister Medvelev recently spoke about the series of mishaps resulting in 10 satellites being lost in 7 launches from the Kazahk base.

Astra 2E (BBC and ITV Channels )

The next mission will be the ILS Proton rocket launch of the Astra 2E satellite for SES, scheduled for 15th September this year. When this goes into service later in the year, the expected big changes for the English Ex Pat communities around Spain will come into effect. The tightening of the satellite footprint to just the Uk territory will mean the Spanish will lose all BBC and ITV channels, unless even larger dishes are employed to boost the signal.


Information from the ILS Launch website

Free to Air Spanish Channels

Once a very popular free Spanish channel, one of the very few still free to air, on the Astra satellite, TeleMadrid has had extreme problems and has been missing for many months.telemadridExtreme Over Staffing Levels

According to El Pais, the over bloated number of staff at the station has caused major reshuffles to descend and cut the numbers by up to 80%. Financial audits done back in 2004 pointed at this problem and in 2006 the government had to bail out the company to the tune of 20Million Euro, but nothing was done until last years proposals to cut the enormous budget to half its 2013 level and sack 925 staff members at the company, which is what prompted the strike which has caused the blackout of the station as staff went on strike.

Only the occasional Notice programme or still photo has been broadcast since December last year 2012. Even a visit to former regional premier Ignacio Gonzales by employees at Telemadrid, to hand over a letter of petition  to “save the lives of 925 families” has not managed to change the course of the management plan.


TeleMadrid were well known to be pro the regional government and have racked up a massive 260 million euros debt, in part due to the huge numbers of  journalists hired who were sympathetic to the party in power.  The previous head of the Channel Esperanza Aguirre would try to interfere with presentation of the News , in that if a journalist would disagree with her view she would just hire another, more sympathetic replacement.  This carried on until there was gross duplication in all departments.

Will it Come Back

So for the future programming will be reduced to just  newscasts, series, movies and two long-running programs Madrileños por el mundo and Madrid directo , these being produced out of house by private companies. Lets hope the remaining staff can start the channel going again

Yesterdays spectacular rocket failure in Russia will delay the launch of the new satellite carrying Astra 2E. This is the satellite which will replace Astra 1N, which currently delivers the main BBC/ITV  Uk channels as far south as Spain and all over europe. This has not been an event to look forward to, as the thousands of Uk expats living in Spain were to lose their Uk tv with the deployment of this new satellite.


All over Europe, broadcasts are being restricted, either by sales of cards or equipment or by technical means, using spot beams to make the satellite footprint only cover the country of origin. Is this really what we want, In a supposedly more open Europe?

PLEASE NOTE: THIS DOES NOT AFFECT ANYONE IN THE UK, ONLY British citizens in Spain watching the main Uk channels by satellite. The projected deployment of August this year, will now be   delayed.

After the satellites are changed over , expats will still be able to watch Uk tv via internet, with a suitable IP box

Last year 2012, Spanish television channels broadcast 10% fewer advertisements than in 2011 – the first time for 10years that commercial ads have fallen from one year to another , according to Zenith Media. They reported that the number of advertising spots had up until 2012 been growing year after year, according to Neeo.es.In addition, the  advertising minutes per day dropped by 11%, all this is happening within a context where more tv channels than ever before are showing.

So far, the reduction in the number of adverts hasn’t negatively affected the number of advertising minutes watched by the viewers, however, which was 22 minutes per day, the same as in 2011; neither did it affect the gross rating point (GRP) earned by the advertisers with each ad.

Zenith Media pointed out that the reduction in the number of adverts coupled with no fall in GRP indicates the growing effectiveness of the advertisements by 10% during 2012. The reduction in the number of ads comes at a delicate time for the Spanish TV sector in which advertising investment in national TV channels has dropped more than 35% since 2007, according to the latest report by Infoadex. This is despite the fact the TV viewing hours are still growing,  this January being a  month with the second most TV consumption in the history of Spain. The price of advertising slots has fallen to try to keep the advertisers coming back.

As a consequence of this drop in advertising investment some TV channels have opted to drop their prices which may in turn reduce future advertising. Worrying times for the Spanish broadcasters.

the free Spanish channels Andalucia and,Telemadrid are now broadcasting on their new frequency 11067 vertical s/r 22000 fec 5/6
to retune on Manhattan and Technomate receivers go to the advanced tuning menu enter the frequency above. or use the blind search facility.

A new addition to the free Spanish channel list. Canal Catala , broadcasts in Catalan from the Atlantic side of south – Eutelsat 12 west.

New Catalan Channel

Viewers with a motorised dish and HD receivers, will be able to see the usual group of channels on Hotbird and Astra1 plus the new Catalan channel
Details for tuning : Freq 11179 Vert s/r 22400 FEC 2/3 Mpeg4

Hispan tv

New Free Spanish channel on Hotbird satellite

News , articles and entertainment in Spanish from around the world. Broadcast from the Hotbird satellite. Hispan Tv started normal broadcasting July 2012 although testing has been taking place since October 2011. The origin of the channel is Iran, President Ahmadinejad has stated his intentions to favour relations with Spanish speaking countries.

Looking at the channels online viewing schedules, there is content from Uk, Spain and Iran.


Tuning Details:-  HOTBIRD Frequency 12380 Vertical DVB-s Symbol rate 27500 FEC  3/4

SanLuis v America Football

We now have both the Meo and Tv Cabo Portuguese packages ready for installation.  Email me for prices of complete installation ( don’t forget to include your location – preferably your map coordinates from Google maps see  COORDINATES )

Meo Portuguese tv by satellite

Get Meo portuguese tv by satellite





  • PRÓXIMAMENTE, un reality show que te dejará impactado.
  • Se busca al mejor imitador de México y el ganador se llevará 1 millón de pesos.
  • Angélica Vale, gran imitadora mexicana y Pierre Angelo, comediante e imitador reconocido, conducirán este evento junto con Héctor Sandarti.

    Parodiando coming soon Televisa




“La Fuerza del Destino” se encargará de poner cada cosa en su lugar y a cada quien con su cada cual, pues será Lucía aquella niñita simpática y hoy una mujer hermosa y valiente, quien lo ayudará a encontrar a su hijo, recuperar su dignidad y superar con entereza todos los obstáculos.


Juntos, Iván y Lucía descubrirán el valor de la lealtad, de la honestidad y de la verdad y encontrarán el amor gracias a “La Fuerza del Destino”.


Followers of Russian events and news can do so in Spanish. The popular RT now broadcasts RT Espanol from the Astra 1 satellite, for Spanish viewers.

To tune in :-

11597 Vertical s/r 22000 5/6

My supplier for the Spanish Digital Plus service, can supply the viewing cards to receive this service , with all the popular Spanish mainland channels TVE1 TVE2, Antena3, Cuatro, Telecinco, La Sexta……..

The card is purchased with CAM, enabling it to be used in my satellite receivers and initially the card is valid for 18 months. At 1089 Euro it represents quite good value. Compared with the Sky Uk package @ £52/month plus receiver @ £50 which is £629/year, Digital Plus Card works out at 726 Euro ( £629/year )


  • Telehit trae lo mejor del año en una sola noche de fiesta que reúne a intérpretes, seguidores y conductores del canal.

  • Juanes, Belinda, Moenia, Camila, Pitbull son algunos de los artistas invitados a los premios Telehit 2010

El próximo 18 de noviembre del 2010, la tercera edición del Premio Telehit reunirá en el hermoso puerto de Acapulco, donde una vez más se reunirán los más destacados intérpretes de la música nacional e internacional, en un evento que será transmitido en vivo a más de 40 países

Juanes, Belinda, Moenia, Camila, Pitbull, Train, Panda y Motel, entre otros, inundarán el escenario de esta premiación con sus temas más sonados que los han colocado en la preferencia del público.

Guillermo del Bosque, productor ejecutivo del evento, explicó que está celebración “se ha convertido en un ícono de la industria musical, donde logramos reunir en un magno evento a los intérpretes más representativos del año para premiar a lo mejor de la música nacional e internacional.

En esta tercera edición del premio Telehit, se entregarán reconocimientos  a lo más destacado de la industria musical en las siguientes categorías:

  • Canción del Año
  • Mejor Banda Alternativa
  • Mejor Álbum de Rock Nacional
  • Álbum Internacional del Año
  • Artista Revelación
  • Artista del Año
  • Artista Juvenil del Año
  • Video del Año
  • Canción del Público
  • Interprete del Año
  • Mejor Canta-Autor de Habla Hispana
  • Artista Pop del Año
  • Artista más Popular de Telehit

Con esta tercera premiación, Telehit celebra así un año más al aire de llevar a todos los hogares los ritmos más sonados del momento, las noticias más candentes de la industria musical y los secretos más reveladores de nuestros intérpretes favoritos.

Esta año el premio Telehit invita al público a elegir a través de Twitter, Facebook y por supuesto su página oficial www.telehit.com a su artista favorito, además de brindarles la posibilidad de ganar viajes y boletos a la entrega del premio en Acapulco.

La tercera entrega estará llena de sorpresas y promete un excelente cartel de artistas que presentarán lo mejor de la música e interpretarán sus éxitos más sonados, que el público ha podido seguir por la señal de Telehit.



TELEHIT es una señal dirigida a gente joven que busca el entretenimiento y música de vanguardia. El canal transmite videos musicales en inglés y español, así como programas de entretenimiento frescos y atrevidos. La barra de programación conjunta reportajes, programas especiales, entrevistas, conciertos y noticias, convirtiéndose en un foro para descubrir nuevos talentos. Telehit tiene cobertura en México, América Latina, Estados Unidos y Europa.


TELEVISA NETWORKS es una subsidiaria del Grupo Televisa que se especializa en el diseño, producción, programación y distribución de 15 marcas propias y representadas para el mercado de TV de paga. Su cobertura llega a México, EE. UU., Latinoamérica, Canadá, Europa y Oceanía.


Telehit brings the best of the year in a single night of celebration that brings together performers, fans and drivers of the channel.

Juanes, Belinda, Moenia, Camila, Pitbull are some of the artists invited to the awards Telehit 2010

The next November 18, 2010, the third edition of Telehit meet in the beautiful port of Acapulco, where once again gather the most important musicians of national and international music in an event that will be broadcast live over 40 countries

Juanes, Belinda, Moenia, Camila, Pitbull, Train, Panda and Motel, among others, will flood the stage for this award with her biggest hits that have been placed in the public’s preference.

Guillermo del Bosque, executive producer of the event, explained that he is holding “has become an icon of the music industry, where we gather in a great event to the most representative players of the year to reward the best national and international music .

In this third edition of the award Telehit, awards will be handed to the highlights of the music industry in the following categories:

Song of the Year
Best Alternative Band
Best National Rock Album
International Album of the Year
Artist of the Year
Young Artist of the Year
Video of the Year
Song of the Public
Interpreter of the Year
Songwriter Spanish Speaking
Pop Artist of the Year
Most Popular Artist Telehit

With this third award, Telehit celebrates one year and carry air to every household rhythms today’s hottest, latest news in the music industry and revealing secrets of our favorite artists.

This year’s award Telehit invites the public to choose through Twitter, Facebook and of course his official website www.telehit.com your favorite artist, besides offering the opportunity to win trips and tickets to the awards ceremony in Acapulco.

The third installment will be full of surprises and promises a great lineup of artists who will present the best music and perform their most outstanding successes that the public has been able to follow the signal Telehit.



TELEHIT is a signal to young people looking for entertainment and contemporary music. The station airs music videos in English and Spanish as well as entertainment programs fresh and daring. The bar joint programming features, special programs, interviews, concerts and news, becoming a forum for discovering new talent. Telehit have coverage in Mexico, Latin America, the U.S. and Europe.

Although the satellite Hispasat carries channels for South America most are inaccessible to us in Europe, due to the direction of the ‘Americas’ beam used. This channel ‘Tv Chile’ is beamed from another satellite at Norway!!

The channel is receivable here in the Uk and can be combined with the other Spanish channels from Astra on a single dish

Chile tv here in the Uk

Chile tv here in the Uk

see Chile Page of main site

Having met some amazing couples on my travels installing satellites, I am aware that  not everyone wants just Spanish channels. I have been asked for Greek and Spainish, French and Spanish, German and Spanish, Dutch and Spanish….. and the list grows every day.

If you would like a quote for satellite tv from 2 countries, I am always happy to come up with new solutions.

Dont forget too, that Uk channels can be combined with Spanish on a  single dish, you dont have to have 2 dishes ( ** except Hispasat , if you want Valencia tv **)