Spanish iptv

If you cannot have a dish installed at your property, for TDT which is free  – no subscription to pay, then Iptv may be the answer

This is the MediaLink ML7000  which is the box chosen by TDT for their IPTV distribution. It has the software already installed to enable TDT.

TDT  Spain, available via IPTV ( internet ) . All your favourite Spanish channels with a simple and cheap subscription, which is prepaid. 

The medi@link box runs a new  app by “my IPTV” ( not the previous Stalker app ) this works well, is less complex when setting up and quicker to start up.

What Channels are available on the Iptv System


Iptv Spain is available including postage to you for :


The Package includes the ML7000 box, set up with latest software, ready to go and includes a years subscription. 

The cost to renew is currently just £69


Installation is dead simple !

When the box arrives, email me the boxes ID – that is the MAC address, printed on the underside. Make sure to copy it accurately or better yet – send a picture of the label !!!

Just connect the box to the network, either by wire (ethernet) or by WiFi – you’ll need your network key-password to do it by WiFi **** I can supply the required WiFi Dongle @ £4.99

Connect it to the  TV, newer tvs have HDMI connections, older ones have Scart.

Connect lastly to the power supply, there is a 12volt unit supplied. 

Now as soon as the server in Spain, receives my message to activate it, it will be accessible at your end,  the app will give you a list of channels.


When considering any IPTV service, it is essential that you make speed tests at different times throughout the day first, before you purchase.
IPTV is totally dependent on the speed of data transfer, if this drops below the minimum level required for smooth video , which is about 4 to 5 mbs ,then you will experience picture ‘freeze’.
Also do not rely on your internet providers figures, as these are maximum rates, without contention ( ie when you are the only user ) in reality the rate drops significantly during the period 4pm onwards, when the younger users are at home. Use any of the internet speed testing services available online and easily found using Google for example and test it when you usually watch tv , say between 5pm to 11pm.
IPTV distributors will not refund subscriptions, once activated, for this reason, its essential to test the speed properly. The box has a 12 month guarantee and will be exchanged if faulty.

Chris in Manchester:

Hi Andrew,

Just to say I am delighted with the IPTV box which had all the channels on my old receiver  plus Portuguese channels. The picture and sound quality are very good and won’t be affected by any extreme weather conditions. And all without the logistical problem of putting a dish on the roof of the apartment block and running cabling in.