andalucia and telemadrid new frequency

popular andalucia telemadrid telesur Spanish channels are moving frequency August 2012

the free Spanish channels Andalucia and,Telemadrid are now broadcasting on their new frequency 11067 vertical s/r 22000 fec 5/6
to retune on Manhattan and Technomate receivers go to the advanced tuning menu enter the frequency above. or use the blind search facility.

TVE problem solved – Manhattan receivers

Anyone with a Manhattan receiver on Astra 1  unable to get TVE international, there is now an update for the receiver software to overcome this problem. It has been noticed on the latest batches of the new receivers ( black case) . Check yours out, if you have difficulty downloading TVE , yet you are getting all the other channels on transponder 24 ( frequency 11568 vert ), contact me for the s/w update