Spanish TDT HD box is now available

Televes  has been producing the HD model of its TDT box since 2015, with it you can watch all the usual Spanish Main channels, without subscription.

It is probably manufactured under licence , since the programming is from Canal+ ( Movistar ) and you would usually have to pay a rental charge and a monthly subscription for Movistar, plus a fairly hefty admin fee and transport costs. Although the TDT HD is expensive, its use is not limited in time, so longterm, it works out much  cheaper than the subscription alternative.

For Sports fans they have included Real Madrid TV, Teledeporte and  Teledeporte HD in the line up.

For families with non- Spanish speakers , the Paramount film channel broadcasts English and American films complete with both Spanish and English sound tracks. Paramount shows many up to date films.

The Children are well taken  care of with Boing, Clan TVE and Disney, I’m often asked to get something that the kids will like, to keep the Spanish language  going, so TDT is ideal.

Connection to the TV is via HDMI  lead  and even has a Scart, for that ancient tv in the bedroom! The Televes 12 volt power unit is separate, which is always a good thing, keeping down the internal temperature, which is the major cause of electronics breakdown in any modern appliance. As a side effect, it can also be run from any 12volt source , such as  in a camper van.  Eagle eyed readers will notice the aerial socket, sorry but that’s only  for installing IN Spain.

The reception is good, but you do have to very carefully adjust the dish. Hispasat is 30 degrees off due south, which can be tricky as the dish elevation is low, so you have to have a clear view in that direction, no trees or tall buildings. Also the dish size varies with the part of the country you are in, the south west being the easiest and the North East being much more  difficult, but quite achievable.


Main Spanish Channels: TVE La 1, TVE La 2, Antenna 3  Cuatro,  Telecinco, La sexta,
TVE 24h, 13 TV, Neox, Nova, Mega

Movies: Paramount Channel
Documentary :Discovery Channel ES, Discovery Max
Entertainment :Divinity, Energy, Factoria de Ficcion (FDF), Dkiss,  Ten,  Atres Series
Kids: Disney Channel, Boing, Clan TVE
Sport :Teledeporte TVE (TDT)  Real Madrid

In use the TDT HD box is well behaved. Although it comes ready to run, it is prudent to re-scan the tuning from time to time. There is no notice given, when new channels are available, several have come on-line since the TDT was first available in the UK.  Use only the automatic scan, the manual is only for uhf reception ( in Spain ) .  Since the latest software update, I have noticed that the scan does about 90% on the indicator bar, then hangs!  Don’t worry, all the boxes do the same , it isn’t a fault, just press OK, store the channels and all is well.

To check whether you can have TDT reception and to get a Quote for installation, please fill in the main quote form on our  satellitetveurope site , to help me get the right house use the ‘geocoder’ app found at the top of the form and watch the help video on the home page if you need to. ( best to use a PC or Mac , to do this, rather than a phone )

2018 June Update:

please note the update details here ( bottom of post )