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To send a message to Andrew, you can use the form below,  please tell me where you are, there is an app to help GEOLOCATION APP

For quick queries about channels or technical issues phone me 


For a price quote for Spanish Channels tv, I need a little more information so please use the Quote form 

For a quote for satellite installation  , please fill in the quote form :
The MOST important part of the form is the coordinates, I need to see your house on Google maps and see which way it is oriented, to work out if it is possible,  so do please try to fill this in
To help you, there are:
1. the coordinates help page  
2. Go to home page and watch this video Coordinates Help Video 
Then Click the Quote Me button on any page, or click this link Quote Me

Alternatively to use your own email program like Windows Live  Mail/Moz Thunderbird / Outlook etc

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