TDT Viewing Spanish Channels in the UK

What Channels are on TDT


Although not new in Spain, this will make a huge impact in territories outside Spain. Up to now the choice for Spaniards living abroad was either:

The few free channels


The massively expensive Canal+ card

With Canal plus charging 1200 Euro for their very cheapest package ( 18 month minimum ) viewing of mainstream channels like TVE 1, La 2, Antena3, Cuatro, TeleCinco etc. was out of reach for many.

TDT, a system devised for remote communities in Spain, not yet served by terrestrial aerial tv services , will make real Spanish channels in the UK , a reality for the first time. In common with Italys Tivu system and the neighbouring France having their Fransat system, a proper line up of channels that Spanish actually want to watch, without the prohibitively high subscriptions will be possible.  –

The biggest point is…… it is a one off payment…. NO SUBSCRIPTIONS !

What is the TDT Channel line up


Currently there are 34 channels ( some of the popular ones are  represented both in standard def and in High Def. TDT represents a very good entertainment package with all 6 commonly broadcast national channels, TVE 1 and 2, Antena3, Cuatro, Telecinco, La Sexta , three children’s channels Disney, Boing and TVE Clan, plus Neox has programming for teens too.

A film channel – Paramount ( has English sound available, on most English films )

Sports – TDP Sport,   GOL!

Documentary – Dmax

Popular ( Soaps etc ) – Factoriade Ficcion

Religious – The Divinity Channel

News   TVE 24


Televes TDT
Note : the SD model is now finished, only the HD model is in production

The satellite broadcasting TDT is Hispasat, which is also used for all Portuguese providers Meo, Cabo, Zon and NOS

To get a quote for installing TDT in your house please go to “Quote Me”

Update August 2016: Only the HD box is now manufactured, SD will only be available until stocks run out


Update: In June 2018 information received indicated that  the TDT frequencies had been changed, one of which is transmitted at only 2/3 the power of the rest, the result was some of the channels were  more difficult to receive so a bigger dish was required. If your box has not updated automatically, just do a channel scan ( busqueda) .

UPDATE Nov 2018: There were many reports of bad signal, some from within Spain.  The broadcaster has now increased the power of the weaker signal, my latest installation in the second week of November, showed a big increase in signal, so now the bigger dish may not be required after all.

I recommend , careful measurement of all the frequencies before selecting a dish. In general for London and the South an 80cm should be adequate if carefully installed with a VERY good lnb and cable!

For areas between London and Birmingham a 90cm dish should be installed.

Above Birmingham, this will vary more but I would first try a 1 metre dish .

Email me for advice – please use the form here : and always obtain your map coordinates before getting in touch ( follow the links on the form )

Update Jun 2020

The TDT channel frequencies will be changed over to the new Hispasat 6 satellite around the 27th of this month. I ‘ll be testing the reception from this new satellite and reporting the results soon.