TDT Viewing Spanish Channels in the UK


Although not new in Spain, this will make a huge impact in territories outside Spain. Up to now the choice for Spaniards living abroad was either:

The few free channels


The massively expensive Canal+ card

With Canal plus charging 1200 Euro for their very cheapest package ( 18 month minimum ) viewing of mainstream channels like TVE 1, La 2, Antena3, Cuatro, TeleCinco etc. was out of reach for many.

TDT, a system devised for remote communities in Spain, not yet served by terrestrial aerial tv services , will make real Spanish channels in the UK , a reality for the first time. In common with Italys Tivu system and the neighbouring France having their Fransat system, a proper line up of channels that Spanish actually want to watch, without the prohibitively high subscriptions will be possible.  –

The biggest point is…… it is a one off payment…. NO SUBSCRIPTIONS !

What is the TDT Channel line up

TDT line up

Currently there are 34 channels ( some of the popular ones are  represented both in standard def and in High Def. TDT represents a very good entertainment package with all 6 commonly broadcast national channels, TVE 1 and 2, Antena3, Cuatro, Telecinco, La Sexta , three children’s channels Disney, Boing and TVE Clan, plus Neox has programming for teens too.

A film channel – Paramount ( has English sound available, on most English films )

Sports – TDP Sport,   GOL!

Documentary – Discovery Espana

Popular ( Soaps etc ) – Factoriade Ficcion

Religious – The Divinity Channel

News   TVE 24

Televes TDT

The satellite broadcasting TDT is Hispasat, which is also used for all Portuguese providers Meo, Cabo, Zon and NOS

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Update August 2016: Only the HD box is now manufactured, SD will only be available until stocks run out


Update: June 2018: In the last month the TDT frequencies have been changed, the result is some of the channels may be more difficult to receive so a bigger dish is required. If your box has not updated automatically, just do a channel scan ( busqueda) .

For London and the South a 100cm should be adequate if carefully installed with a VERY good lnb and cable!

For areas between London and Birmingham a 110cm dish should be installed.

Above Birmingham, although a bigger dish can be installed, if it is visible from the road it may be wise to apply for planning permission.

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