Canal Sur Andalucia TV is closed down

The popular Andalucia ( or Canal Sur ) channel finished at  midnight 31st December 2014. Both the Hispasat and the Astra 1 satellites have ceased broadcasting the  Andalucia channel


As yet there is no news as to its future, it may become part of Canal+ subscription service , keep reading on the Spanish channels website , I’ll be posting any information I receive. You can use the link below to watch online.

At the  moment the channel name, but no video or audio is present on the old frequency 11068.

The move has caused much protest in the region, the channel was free by satellite and consisted of programming from the Canal Sur and Canal Sur 2 regional channels belonging to Radio Television de Andalucia.

The Channel will continue by cable and by IPTV on the ONO, Telecable and Moviestar networks.


You can still watch Online Andalucia TV channel  here