TVE expand on Astra Satellite

TVEs expansion programme is at odds with the cuts demanded by government

We certainly hope that TVE will continue to broadcast, as the number of free spanish channels lost over the last four years continues to grow. Canarias, ETB ( Basque) Valencia and Extramadura,   have all gone to the pay tv provider Digital Plus. TeleMadrid continues to be on strike.

More proposals have come to light with the announcement that TVE channels TVE internacional and TVE Canal 24 are to be available on Astra 1M satellite again after losing them a couple of years ago. You can tune in right now on:

11656V sym rate 22000

These plans for expansion are at odds with the recent Spanish government call to cut costs and slim down the TVE company. In 2012 TVE moved into the South American  market, in 2013 plans were made to include TVE channels in many of the European major packages like Canal Plus. Yet in April 2012 TVE were ordered by finance minister Cristobal Montoro to make more cut backs or wage cuts. This was a further blow after the 2011 November loss of 204 Million Euro from the broadcasters budget, also ordered by Montoro.

Digital Plus must be one of the highest price subscription services available today. Surely it would make more sense to lower prices to increase their subscriber base. Also to drop their restrictions selling Digital Plus overseas. Just like high taxation countries, if they changed to lower taxes, less people try to avoid tax and overall tax revenue actually rises.  Where there are barriers , black markets flourish  with card sharing use rising, Digital Plus makes no income, only the black marketeers will profit.

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