Choosing a TV for Spanish TV

With the wonders of Digital transmission, where exactly to same picture arrives at your display, as was sent , unlike in the old days when it picked up ‘snow’ and picture ‘noise’ making the picture lose its original clarity, you really do need a modern tv to display it properly.

There are several technologies around today and more on the way. LCD is undoubtably  the leader at the moment, with Plasma displays a close second. Projectors are still around , the ‘flipping mirror’ DLP displays are getting better and the promise of laser projectors soon are giving them new life. The incredible palette of rich colours seen on the latest models need to be seen to be believed and of course with a projector its as big as you like!

On the horizon is OLED, threatening to remove LCD, plasma and anything else on sheer cost alone. OLED is basically a plastic sheet with light emitting diodes printed on the surface, yes I said printed. This amazing technology should be really cheap once in big production, Sony have already some 11 inch models and 27 inch models on sale, other manufacturers are catching on too.

Don’t be fooled though, there are many tvs offering LED display, but are NOT !  Leds emit light and can be used as the backlight, previously striplamps were used in LCD display units, to provide the light which you see on the screen. This is NOT a true LED screen . The  LED or OLED of the future ARE the display  which you see and not just the backlight, behind a conventional LCD front.LCD screen

Conventional LCD display using backlight made up of LED lights


From my installation work and from finding out which are the best picture quality around, I recommend the Samsung and LG manufacturers for the best value and most reliable products. For example below is the  Samsung 40H6200 Smart Full HD 1080p 40 Inch TV (2015 Model)


  • Quad Core Processor – faster access to Smart features which allows true  multitasking watch tv whilst using Sykpe and many other apps
  • S Recommendation with voice recognition- get viewing recommendations tailored just for you. Over time it will learn what your viewing preferences are
  • Samsung’s Smart Hub – the industry’s reference platform just got better. It arranges content into five easy to navigate panels: On TV; movies and TV shows; multimedia; apps; and games .
  • Games Panel – discover a variety of fun games instantly on the largest screen in your home, which you can control from the Samsung smart remote or your phone or a games controller
  • Full HD 3D Ready – get closer to the action, discover the best 3D experience from every angle. High Definition picture quality. Lightweight 3D glasses enable you to experience great picture quality, with depth and vibrant colours and enjoy the full 3D experience (3D glasses sold separately).
  • The silver Quad stand enhances its smart appearance Encased in a black edge frame with a metallic accent on the base of the frame , this well designed TV will complement any room in your home.
  • There is the facility  to connect a hard drive to record your favourites for playback later.
  • Catch UP   Samsungs video on demand encompases BBC iplayer, ITV player, 4OD , Demand5 and BBC Sports….. who needs cable?
  • Sound – Get a Samsung sound bar to enhance the sound to match the superb picture, wireless of course the soundbar communcates and synchronises with the tv via bluetooth