Astra 2E Launch Confirmed

The Russian company launching the communications satellites from Baikonur launch facility in Kazakhstan, has completed its investigations into the latest rocket failure  and will now proceed with the schedule. Prime Minister Medvelev recently spoke about the series of mishaps resulting in 10 satellites being lost in 7 launches from the Kazahk base.

Astra 2E (BBC and ITV Channels )

The next mission will be the ILS Proton rocket launch of the Astra 2E satellite for SES, scheduled for 15th September this year. When this goes into service later in the year, the expected big changes for the English Ex Pat communities around Spain will come into effect. The tightening of the satellite footprint to just the Uk territory will mean the Spanish will lose all BBC and ITV channels, unless even larger dishes are employed to boost the signal.


Information from the ILS Launch website

Satellite Picture Quality

I’ve been asked several times if the quality of the pictures received by our systems is good.

Very Easy, its absolutely excellent, as good as our BBC  and ITV pictures and sound here in the Uk, Tv Canaria and TVE which I check from time to time give very good reception all the time, despite the signal having travelled out to space and back there are no more picture break ups than our Uk terrestrial tv